Evil Genius 2 - World Domination

The launch of Evil Genius 2 has brought us everything we wanted, including some we didn't know we wanted.

Evil Genius 2 - World Domination

The launch of Evil Genius 2 recently has been a welcome reprieve from a busy work year and extensive house renovations. I thought I would give a brief review of the game and my initial thoughts.

Getting into the game, you immediately notice how similar it is but also just how different it is at the same time. A key element that I noticed straight away was the multi level building that is now available, you can build up and down as well as out!

Additionally there are different toughness's of rock that now require research in order to dig through. Whilst not the most pleasant of restrictions, it does force you to tailor your building shapes to suit the environment.

There is a swag of new ultra pleasant visual upgrades, the graphics feel nicer, more pretty,  the menus and interfaces are more useful and feel way more polished, the world map has a more distinct presence and the minion training/overview panels make much more sense than the original game.

Immediately though you notice a major change, this time to do with traps. They no longer need triggers placed, nor do they require linking, in order to function. Whilst this probably significantly simplifies base construction, it was an element I quite enjoyed from number 1, so I was sad to see it go.

Some of the new evil genius aura buffs are quite nice and they are quite different in effect from character to character, so this gives you a distinctly different feel depending on which one you chose.

The quests, missions and side objectives in the game help grant a lot of structure to your game play as well as giving you additional ways to earn income. The minion training interface makes much more sense and most minion types can now be trained up with out having an existing one as long as you have unlocked them which is a nice change, however they do of course train faster when you have an existing minion of that type to teach them.

Overall I am quite pleased with the game so far and would easily give it 8.5/10 . I look forward to being able to sink some more time into it in the coming days.