Dynamic Username Filter in ServiceNow

Dynamic filters for matching against string username fields in ServiceNow.

Dynamic Username Filter in ServiceNow

Have you ever wanted to use a dynamic filter some where, where you do not have a reference to the User table? Yeah so did I.

Here is how I did it.

Go to sys_filter_option_dynamic.list and create a new entry.

Complete it as follows, the idea we are going for here is matching our user name to the sys_created_by field on the record.

Now copy the sys_id of the record you just created.

You are now able to use this dynamic filter anywhere that accepts script based filters with the following format. This will also work against other string fields that capture usernames, such as sys_updated_by .

(Replace the sys_id below, following DYNAMIC with the sys_id of your filter record)


As I have done here in this widget configuration.