Useful ServiceNow System Properties

A growing list of useful ServiceNow system properties and their usage.

Below I highlight a bunch of ServiceNow Sys Properties that I have found over time (and will continue to update) that are quite useful that many if not most people are not aware of.

Some of these properties may not exist in your system and you may have to create them from scratch. If you are not aware of how to do this, follow the small guide below.

How to create a system property

  1. In the filter navigator enter sys_properties.list
  2. If your property does not exist when searching, click New
    Note: properties that cannot be found when searching still exist, however, they are using a default value and you create a new entry to overwrite this value.
  3. Complete the form using the database name of the property, set the correct data Type of the property (in many cases True/False or String), and add the new value that you wish to set the property to use.

Import Sets


Automatically expands staging table values based on incoming data when set to True.

Default: False

Check back soon... More to come.